Chi Chi

Chichi is Ox King's daughter and Kita, Gohan and Kinomi's mother. Her husband, Goku dies of a heart disease. She is 43 years old and she still lives in her house in the mountains. She loses Gohan, Ox King, Kinomi and Kita to the Androids and she is lonely for a while. When Kita comes back to life, she is happy and she loves her daughters very much and she is very protective because she doesn't want to lose her daughters again.


  • Ox King: Father
  • Goku: Husband
  • Gohan: Son
  • Kita: Daughter
  • Kinomi: Daughter
  • Niel: Son-in-law
  • Stephen: Grandson
  • Tarble: Brother-in-law
  • Akira: Sister-in-law
  • Clarissa: Niece
  • Caibe: Sister-in-law
  • Broly: Brother-in-law
  • Seripa: Niece
  • Tomoyo: Niece


She is one of the strongest human females on Earth and was quite possibly the strongest female human until Videl learned to control her ki.

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