Kotoha is the daughter of Kiyoshi and Akina and a sister of Akio. She makes friends with Kita, Kinomi, Trunks, Kenji, Sero, Parsley, Basil. She likes Lillia like a sister. At first she finds Ruby, Garnet, Emerald very wired because they got three eyes, Calypso very creepy because she's an alien and finds Seripa very scary. After finds Calypso very kind she gotten use to her, She steps away from Seripa and takes time of getting use to her. After Ruby, Garnet, Emerald being very kind and on the good side saving lives and fighting villains she likes them as friends. [1]Kid KotohaAdded by RFyle11She trains with her father Kiyoshi along with her friends and learns martial arts and special abilities and she loves to fight. But when she goes up against Seripa she gets beaten by her because she's a saiyan. She managed to unlock her high tension / unlock ability and gives her a real fight and they are even.


  • Hi-Tension
  • Ki- Energy
  • Kamehameha
  • Ki-Blast
  • Falcon Kick
  • After-Image Technique

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