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Kenji (New Boyfriend), Future Krillin (Ex-Boyfriend)(Dead), Mack (Ex-Boyfriend)(Dead),Tommie (Ex-Boyfriend)(Dead) Mentioned Only

Future Maron follows the same path like her Alternate timeline counterpart. But because of the Androids attacking West City she's trying to get to a safety area but she's got caught in an accident and being injured. Kenji found her unconscious and get her to the safest hospital. Kenji kind of loved Maron because she's a famous model and a pretty beautiful girl to him. After Maron wakes up she thanks Kenji by giving him a hug and kiss on his lips.

Kenji got a call from Kiyoshi and the new Z Fighters about the Androids rampage. When he told Maron to stay in the Hospital bed before he goes aby himself she refused to stay and wants to go with him.Parsely told Kenji she'll look after Maron and let Kenji go. Kenji told her he'll be back as a promise.



Kenji Blushing about Maron's sexness

Kenji X Maron

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